3 Things you Need on Every Dog Walk

This is to remind us all, never leave home without each of these when you're with your dogs!

Are you going to pick up my poop?

  1. Pupper Poop Bags -Don't forget your poop bags! You could probably get away with not picking up your puppers poop if they do it in the bushes somewhere and no one sees, its kind of like they're just fertilizing the bush.

    Pupper Drinking
  2. Food/Water Bowl - When you take your pup anywhere you should be carrying food and water bowl. It's a must, your dog will get hungry and will get thirsty. Don't even think about letting them drink out of a community bowl, bring fresh water and treats wherever you go.

    Light Up Puppers
  3. Clip-on Pupper Light - If you walk your dog at night or early in the morning do them a favour and clip a light on them, it's safety folks, something always keep in mind with our puppers.

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